Ten thousand new moons have come since the first; we now stand before the dawn of the wolf! I see you Bɛɛma—my Iginvtli, You’ve come as son. Shhh, quietly—the Warrior howls tonight! 

KAMAU Mbonisi Kwame Agyeman—which literally means quiet warrior, affectionately called, little brother by his father, has always been a passionate and creative soul. His path in life seemed to be almost certain from birth. As a child KAMAU was very original and slightly unorthodox. Little brother was known to be always friendly with a wacky, witty sense of humor; deeply meditative, and possessing a strong sense of intellectual independence. Ironically, the beautiful, odd and abstract sounds of gibberish we hear in KAMAU’s music, was at times, a source of parental irritation, at least around the dinner table.